Current Openings


The Babu Group is recruiting talented individuals for the currently available positions advertised below. We strive to build and maintain a culture of respect, diversity, and inclusion. We strongly feel these values directly contribute to the dynamic and intellectually stimulating scientific environment we can provide.


Madan Babu’s Group and the Core Center for Data-Driven Discovery in the Department of Structural Biology is seeking a highly driven, full-time Staff scientist with research experience in biochemistry, protein sciences, and molecular biology applied in the context of synthetic biology, cell biology, and structural biology. The Core Center for Data-Driven Discovery utilizes several approaches in molecular cloning, protein expression, and purification to produce expression constructs and mammalian membrane proteins for structural and functional studies. Candidates should have a passion for or desire to learn about uncovering new biology through structural and molecular/cell biology techniques. Previous experience working in a Core Facility or similar research support role is desirable.

You will be an indispensable member of the Group. In addition to leading research projects and collaborations, you will have opportunities to participate in many ongoing research projects, where your inputs, expertise, and contributions will be valued. Excellent interpersonal and communication skills are a must, as you will interact directly with both Computational Biologists and Experimentalists in a highly interdisciplinary environment. You will receive exceptional support from our team to assist with project design and execution.

The Department of Structural Biology is building the world’s most comprehensive research center for defining molecular structures to understand health and disease at the molecular level. This vibrant research environment will provide you with opportunities to learn about all relevant techniques used to understand macromolecular structure and dynamics. The Group believes strongly in providing opportunities to attend conferences and workshops to acquire new skills. Access to multiple Technology Core Centers within the Structural Biology Department (Cryo-EM and Tomography, X-ray, NMR, Single Molecule, Proteomics and Metabolomics, and Protein Technologies) and the other Shared Service Centers (e.g., High-throughput Bioscience, Medicinal Chemistry, Protein Production, etc.) at St. Jude provides an exceptionally rich scientific landscape of possibilities, tremendous technical support, and additional opportunities to learn new techniques.

Preferred Qualifications

  • Characterization of purified proteins by various biochemical, biophysical, and structural approaches
  • Strong background and skills in biochemistry, molecular biology, protein chemistry, and assay development
  • Experience with structural biology methods such as Cryo-EM, NMR and Crystallography
  • Experience with library-based protein engineering technologies (e.g., deep mutational scanning, combinatorial library assembly, etc.) for use in high throughput assays will be an advantage
  • Proven expertise in advanced molecular cloning techniques for ORF library construction (Golden Gate and Gibson Assembly)
  • Protein chromatography and affinity purification expertise using ÄKTA FPLCs is highly desirable
  • Experience working safely with BSL2 infectious materials and specimens
  • Experience with molecular biology software and ability to design DNA constructs with desired properties
  • Common biochemical and immunological techniques, including SDS-PAGE, UV/Vis spectroscopy, ELISA, and western blotting
  • Enthusiasm to stay current with technological advances in the field, apply them to the Team’s workflows, and teach other team members

How to Apply

To apply please submit your application using the St. Jude Career Platform.  

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