Regulatory Genomics and Systems Biology

Past Members


Dr. Greg Słodkowicz

Dr Robert Weatheritt

Dr Charles Ravarani

Dr Melis Kayikci

Dr Sreenivas Chavali

Dr Rita Pancsa

Dr Pavithra Lakshminarasimhan

Dr Greet De Baets (2015-2017)

Dr Marion Ouédraogo (2013-2015)

Dr Natalia Sanchez de Groot (2010-2014)

Dr Marc Torrent Burgas (2011-2014)

Dr Subhajyoti De (joint mentor from 2007-2009; currently an Assistant Professor in UC Denver, USA)

Dr Joerg Gsponer (joint mentor from 2007-2009; currently an Assistant Professor in UBC, Canada)

Dr Rekin’s Janky (2008–2012; currently an Independent Scientist in ULB, Belgium)

Dr Marija Buljan (2011-2013; currently a post-doc in Heidelberg, Germany)

Dr Sven Sewitz (2011-2012; currently a post-doc in Cambridge)

PhD Students:

Dr Tilman Flock (2013-2016)

Dr Natasha Latysheva (2013-2016)

Dr Guilhem Chalancon (2012-2015)

Dr AJ Venkatakrishnan (2011–2014; currently a post-doc working in the groups of Brian Kobilka and Ron Dror at Stanford University)

Dr Kai Kruse (2011–2014)

Dr Benjamin Lang (2008–2012; will start as a EMBL Interdisciplinary post-doc (EIPOD) at EMBL-Heidelberg)

Dr Arthur Wuster (2006–2009; currently a post-doc at the Sanger Center)

Dr Katie Weber (joint with Dr Mario de Bono, Oct 2007-2010; currently working for the US government)

Dr Sarath Chandra Janga (2008–2011; currently an Assistant Professor at Indiana University, USA)

Dr Nitish Mittal (joint with Dr Nilanjan Roy, Oct 2008–2009; currently a post-doc at the ETH Zurich)

Bachelors and Masters student thesis research:

Ms Marie Schrynemackers (2008-2009) – Masters in Bioengineering student

Mr Robin van der Lee (2010-2011) – M. Phil in Biology student

Ms Liz Ing-Simmons (2012) – Part III student in Systems Biology

Associate or visiting scientists and summer students:

Mr Raphael Peer (master’s student, Nov 2014 – Nov 2015; Vienna, Austria)

Mr Pradeep Kota (summer student, 2007; University of North Carolina, USA)

Mr Roland Pache (visiting PhD student, 2007; CRG, Barcelona, Spain)

Dr Matthias Futschick, PhD (visiting scientist, 2007; ITB, Berlin, Germany)

Dr Alexandre Cristino (visiting scientist, 2008; University of Sao Paulo, Brazil)

Ms Marie Schrynemackers (master’s student, 2008; ULG, Belgium)

Dr Monika Fuxreiter (2010; Scientific Staff, EMZIM, Hungary)

Ms Elisabetta Cacace (summer student; 2012)

Mr James Scott-Brown (summer student; 2012)

Ms Anna Vilar-Pique (2012 – visiting PhD student)

Mr Louis Maddox (summer student; 2014)

Mr Alex Gunnarsson (summer student; 2015)

Mr Norbert Feher (summer student; 2015)

Mr Andrija Sente (summer student; 2015)