Regulatory Genomics and Systems Biology

Past Members


Dr Daniel Estevez-Prado (2020-2022)

Dr Greg Słodkowicz

Dr Robert Weatheritt

Dr Charles Ravarani

Dr Melis Kayikci

Dr Sreenivas Chavali

Dr Rita Pancsa

Dr Pavithra Lakshminarasimhan

Dr Greet De Baets (2015-2017)

Dr Marion Ouédraogo (2013-2015)

Dr Natalia Sanchez de Groot (2010-2014)

Dr Marc Torrent Burgas (2011-2014)

Dr Subhajyoti De (joint mentor from 2007-2009; currently an Assistant Professor in UC Denver, USA)

Dr Joerg Gsponer (joint mentor from 2007-2009; currently an Assistant Professor in UBC, Canada)

Dr Rekin’s Janky (2008–2012; currently an Independent Scientist in ULB, Belgium)

Dr Marija Buljan (2011-2013; currently a post-doc in Heidelberg, Germany)

Dr Sven Sewitz (2011-2012; currently a post-doc in Cambridge)

PhD Students:

Dr Tilman Flock (2013-2016)

Dr Natasha Latysheva (2013-2016)

Dr Guilhem Chalancon (2012-2015)

Dr AJ Venkatakrishnan (2011–2014; currently a post-doc working in the groups of Brian Kobilka and Ron Dror at Stanford University)

Dr Kai Kruse (2011–2014)

Dr Benjamin Lang (2008–2012; will start as a EMBL Interdisciplinary post-doc (EIPOD) at EMBL-Heidelberg)

Dr Arthur Wuster (2006–2009; currently a post-doc at the Sanger Center)

Dr Katie Weber (joint with Dr Mario de Bono, Oct 2007-2010; currently working for the US government)

Dr Sarath Chandra Janga (2008–2011; currently an Assistant Professor at Indiana University, USA)

Dr Nitish Mittal (joint with Dr Nilanjan Roy, Oct 2008–2009; currently a post-doc at the ETH Zurich)

Bachelors and Masters student thesis research:

Ms Marie Schrynemackers (2008-2009) – Masters in Bioengineering student

Mr Robin van der Lee (2010-2011) – M. Phil in Biology student

Ms Liz Ing-Simmons (2012) – Part III student in Systems Biology

Associate or visiting scientists and summer students:

Mr Raphael Peer (master’s student, Nov 2014 – Nov 2015; Vienna, Austria)

Mr Pradeep Kota (summer student, 2007; University of North Carolina, USA)

Mr Roland Pache (visiting PhD student, 2007; CRG, Barcelona, Spain)

Dr Matthias Futschick, PhD (visiting scientist, 2007; ITB, Berlin, Germany)

Dr Alexandre Cristino (visiting scientist, 2008; University of Sao Paulo, Brazil)

Ms Marie Schrynemackers (master’s student, 2008; ULG, Belgium)

Dr Monika Fuxreiter (2010; Scientific Staff, EMZIM, Hungary)

Ms Elisabetta Cacace (summer student; 2012)

Mr James Scott-Brown (summer student; 2012)

Ms Anna Vilar-Pique (2012 – visiting PhD student)

Mr Louis Maddox (summer student; 2014)

Mr Alex Gunnarsson (summer student; 2015)

Mr Norbert Feher (summer student; 2015)

Mr Andrija Sente (summer student; 2015)