Regulatory Genomics and Systems Biology

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Welcome to our sabbatical visitors!

Prof. Arthur M. Lesk from Pennsylvania State University has been visiting our group since last August, he will be here until the end of Summer. Dr Daniela Rhodes from Nanyang Technological University in Singapore visited us last month. Finally, we have Dr Richard Rottger from Denmark who joined our group as a sabbatical visitor last month. He will be with us for a couple of months.

Lesk_Arthur Daniela_Rhodes


Welcome to Dr Mark Bayfield!

Dr Mark Bayfield is a sabbatical visitor from Dept of Biology, York University, Toronto and has joined our group for 5 months to learn techniques in computational biology (data integration and analysis of next generation sequencing data).

Welcome to Hannes!

Hannes has just started as a PhD student in our lab!


Welcome to Louis!

Louis is visiting us for three months as a summer student. A very warm welcome to him!

Welcome to Daniel and Alexey!

Daniel and Alexey are our two new PhD students who started recently. A very warm welcome to both of them!

Estevez Prado_Daniel Alexey Morgunov

Welcome to Balaji Santhanam!

Dr. Balaji Santhanam from Harvard University has just started as a new Senior Investigator Scientist at the LMB. A very warm welcome from all of us Balaji. We are looking forward to some very exciting discussions and science in the coming days.